Are you having a lack of space in your existing property? You can consider a home extension as an ideal solution. The recent years have seen popularity for extensions as it solves your space issue without so many hassles. Not only this, but you can also plan an energy-efficient extension to save money. But do you know how to execute this? You obviously need to find one of the best local builders in Solihull for an effective and successful extension. Explore more below. 

Four Effective Ways For Energy-Efficient Extension


We suggest understanding what you actually need. Planning is important if you don’t want to feel disappointed with the end result of your extension. Every construction project requires proper planning. Keep in mind that energy efficiency factor while planning to avoid last-moment changes. This will help with faster implementation and completion of your project. You need to incorporate systems that reduce your energy consumption. This may include the insulation type, heating systems, designs to allow more natural light and ventilation, etc.

Choose Materials Carefully

Green home extensions don’t mean focusing only on the final phase of the building. You need to consider this during the entire process. Consider what type of materials are used and what’s their source. This would help you to determine your home’s carbon footprint. For example, the wood sourced from a forest that is managed sustainably will reduce your property’s environmental impact. 

Energy-Saving Appliances

If you are choosing a green home extension but not upgrading your appliances, then does it make sense? If you continue to use the same old ones, it will eventually increase your energy consumption. Check the energy labels carefully before buying any appliance. An A-rated appliance will use much less energy than those rated B or C. So, consider the energy consumption factor, whether you’re buying ovens, refrigerators, washing machines or anything else.

Designs that Attract More Light

Your home design must be such that it allows more natural light. This not only makes the surroundings positive but also saves your utility bills. Besides, you must also switch to LED lighting solutions which consume up to 75% less energy than other alternatives. Furthermore, choose your windows and doors strategically. You can also install skylights to benefit your house from daylighting.

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