Small washroom renovation often gets a misleading approach. The homeowner may want to include many elements in the space that work great in larger spaces, but the room feels too cramped.

Or, at times, the opposite happens. You have a large space but have used sparse décor and fixtures, making it a bathroom for the child. The right balance should be a perfect-sized washroom with the necessary elements that are nicely fitted in place.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, this blog can greatly help you. However, hiring the home improvement contractors in Solihull is the best decision if you are still deciding what to incorporate in the process.

Turnkey Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

  • Use the Space-Saving Fixtures: Do you know the difference between a small sink and one designed to conserve space? The pedestal sinks are classic and small bath fixtures. You can even try out the corner sink to utilise the square footage. Washrooms and bathtubs come in different space-saving dimensions. You must consider even a minute inch of width to make the difference.
  • Choosing The Focal Point: One mistake that homeowners make in a small bathroom is avoiding adding dramatic features. They will work great if you keep them to overtake the space. You can go for ceiling-to-floor metallic tiles to make a wonderful backdrop behind the sink. You can also use the bold mirror with a gilt frame. Such dramatic pieces will make the small washroom look special, but limit using 1-2 units.
  • Choose The Small Flooring: Some types of flooring make the washroom look smaller. That’s what happens when you are installing a 12-inch or large-sized floor or wider planks. A better way is to go for smaller tiles like the vintage tiles or small basketweave in the marbles. These tiles are soft to look at and provide a warmer underfoot.
  • Scale Back Cabinetry: Home improvement contractors in Solihull suggest that the bathroom is unlike the kitchen, where you need deep cupboards. Bathroom cabinets work great, just without being too deep. The shallower cupboards leave much space open, so you must avoid tight quarters but still have to make room with plenty of storage facilities.

Small bathrooms might have less space but can still be functional and attractive. Instead of considering the small square footage, try to use innovative ways to enhance and make the washroom a better version. Want to renovate your bathroom in the best possible way while saving money? Consult the experts from Eastgate Home Improvements Ltd. We have a team of expert home renovation experts who deliver the best results. Explore more by going through our website.