Aside from the kitchen, the bathrooms are one of the most important rooms for remodelling. Renovating your bathroom can also get you a fantastic return on investment. Renovation is all about making the optimum use of the space. As one of the leading builders in Solihull, here, we are going to highlight three bathroom renovation ideas that can help you redefine your space.

Three Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Redefine Your Space

Well, here we have compiled the top three bathroom renovation ideas to completely redefine the space of your bathroom.

Say Goodbye to the Bathroom Tub

The bathroom tubs are thought to be extremely functional. And it has its uses for everyone, from babies to old members of the family. You are right in thinking that a tiring day at work can be best rewarded with nothing but a tub filled with warm water and bubbles. However, on average, a bathtub is known to take up 13 square feet of space in your bathroom. Hence, when you have a small bathroom and space is of the essence, curtailing that comfort can open up some new avenues for renovations. We can make something much more interesting and captivating by removing the tub from your bathroom renovation plan and using the vacant space in other ways.

Shower Considerations

As you conduct and execute small bathroom renovations, you should pay close attention to the shower. You should thoroughly investigate the shower enclosure. Whether you are buying the pre-fabricated piece or directly installing it at the site, you can benefit a great deal by using clean lines. You should also install the materials that will let the light come in.

Choosing the Right Type of Lights

Our experience suggests that light is often the most overlooked aspect in case of any renovation. And, you should experiment with these factors as freely as you like. It is considered to be one of the most controversial tips on the bathroom renovation list. If your bathroom has a tight space, we will highly recommend that you choose bold but light colours. Bold yet light colours can reflect natural and artificial light in the bathroom. This type of light helps it, making it warmer and more open.

Additionally, you can add more reflective surfaces like mirrors or gloss fixtures in your bathroom. There is an entire arsenal of options to make your small bathroom look larger. Reach out to Eastgate Home Improvements Ltd. and let us unfurl our magic to change the make and feel of your bathroom.