A garage conversion is one of the affordable ways to add extra space to your house. You already have a strong foundation, roof, walls, and the required electrical wiring; if the garage is attached to the patio, you already have an entry area. 

Your goal should be opting for cheap garage conversions in Solihull that blend significantly with the existing living area. The location makes the garage perfect for converting to a family room, extra bedroom or home office. 

You need to ensure that all the aspects of the garage conversion project have the potential. Before opting for a garage conversion, here are some factors you need to consider. 

Aspects to Keep in Mind Before You Convert the Garage

Garage Doors

One of the most significant factors when considering a garage conversion is what you should do with the garage door. When the door gets removed.

One option to use is installing the stacking or panoramic door when you have an outdoor space to open out. 

Electrical Wiring

If you want to increase the electrical power in the converted space, add wiring with a minimum or at least 20 amp circuit. The garages mainly have single lighting circuits, and the large room will need more electrical infrastructure for the lights than you want. You need to talk with an experienced electrician who will help you. 


It can be one of the most significant hurdles in the garage conversion. You must arrange the water supply to the converted garage, which is simple. The main issue lies in the drainage. Talk with the plumber who can help you build a drainage facility in your newly converted garage. 

Heating and Cooling System

If you have an attached garage, you can extend the existing heating and cooling system in the new space. If that is not an option, you must look for an independent climate control system. You can insulate the walls, ceiling and floors first. 

These are some points you need to consider before considering garage conversions. Consult the Eastgate Home Improvements Ltd team, which specialises in home improvements, including garage conversions. Call the experts now.