Refurbishment and renovation are excellent ways to refresh the appearance of an old house. Renovation is the process of adding new features, extensions, and innovative technologies without changing the structure or construction of the house. If you want to add more value to your home without burning a hole in your pocket, contact professionals for home renovation and refurbishment in Solihull.

How to modernise an old home? Know the renovation tricks

  • Start with bathroom renovation
    The bathroom is the most important and most utilised space in a property. Start with refurbishment. You can simply change the tiles and add a few curtains, faucets, light fixtures, and vanity to change the entire look of the bathroom. Without construction or demolition, refurbishment is an easy way to lend a brand-new look to the bathroom.
  • Change garden landscapes
    Do you have a garden space? Have you maintained it lately? Avail garden landscaping services and beautify it. This small change can quickly improve the entire look and aesthetics of the property. Update the landscape of your home with drought-tolerant plants or low-maintenance gardens. You can also ask the builder to construct a patio or a deck for refurbishment.
  • Make functional window treatments.
    Windows are one of the most overlooked parts of the house. Do you need more budget? A window refurbishment can help you instainstantly improve your house’s look. For instance, you can replace the old wooden or aluminium windows with uPVC for better functionality. Again, you can dress up your windows to match the interior of your room. Choose colourful curtains or functional shutters and instantly improve the house’s aesthetics.
  • Install modern lights
    Updating the lights and fixtures is also an effective way to refurbish the house. Sometimes, bulbs and lights create a dull environment within the house. By refurbishing them, you can create a more welcoming environment. You can choose pendant lights, LED bulbs, or even recessed lighting as part of the modern lighting options to uplift the interiors of the house.

Are you thinking of modernising your property? Contact Eastgate Home Improvements Ltd to help you with professional refurbishment and renovation services. We have a team of professionals and tradesmen who can work with you to create utility rooms and kitchen diners to modernise your old home.