Renovation, remodelling and refurbishment are vital routines to modify your home’s existing condition. You may add new spaces, modify them or remodel a particular area for better utilisation. The procedure also involves utilising spaces not frequented by the homeowner or others.

Get Expert Help in Renovating Your Basement:

Converting the basement into a kitchen is a useful way to renovate your house. You need the help of expert workers who have experience in handling complex projects of renovation and refurbishment in Solihull. Ensure you get a service that guarantees high value for your investment.

Important Requirements for Refurbishing a Basement to a Kitchen:

To guarantee a complete task in remodelling the basement to a kitchen, you need to consider a few important factors. These are pointed out in the following section of the blog.

  • Ventilation: A kitchen naturally needs better ventilation features as it is a space which involves high usage of moisture, heat, smoke and smell. The absence of a proper ventilation system can cause problems in the future. These include mould formation and visible smoke damage on the walls or ceilings. Design the space, so you get enough space to establish exhaust fans and hoods.
  • Lighting: A basement often remains one of the ignored spaces in a home because of its darkness. So when you convert it into a kitchen, arrange enough lights. It will elevate your cooking experience and make the space more functional. By adding one or two windows in the basement area, you can ensure the entry of enough natural light during the daytime.
  • Height of the Ceiling: The height of your basement’s ceiling can significantly influence your kitchen remodel routine. Based on the height, you can decide on installing the cabinets and other storage options. A low-height basement can give you multiple creative options to establish cabinets in the space.
  • Plumbing Stacks: If your household plumbing lines pass through the basement, you need to be careful about the kitchen remodel procedure. The kitchen also needs its own plumbing requirements, which you should establish closer to the source. Determine the location of the plumbing stacks and direct your engineer accordingly.

Now that you know the top requirements for establishing a basement kitchen, you will have a smooth experience in constructing one on your property. To get help from the experts, you can communicate with Eastgate Home Improvements Ltd. We are a prominent source for property renovation and refurbishment in Solihull. For more information, you can visit our website.