Most of the individuals are eager to get started on the new project. But they do it with little thinking, careful planning, and patience. You will be far more likely to achieve the intended final results. So, before you get carried away with the project’s excitement and begin shopping for new kitchens or furniture, there are many more vital things you should grasp and know.

Points to Know When You Are Expanding the Home


As a customer, you will go through a simple common question by the home extension in Solihull: what is the reason for your extension? There are many responses, but they usually fall into one or two categories:

  • You are extending to make the most of the room for long-term enjoyment.
  • You have decided to change your building to the dream property.
  • Adding value to your home.
  • Requirement of extra space for a short-term.
  • There is simply one part of your home that bothers you every day. You will see it in the usage.


Many people become uncomfortable when the money is brought up. However, creating a realistic budget saves design time and ensures that the final product is something you can truly afford and deliver.

Since most people have higher expectations than they can fulfil within their means, the architect can only advise you on whether your expectations are reasonable if you provide them with your budget.

Time Required

The average project will require:

  • Planning and survey took place a month and a half before.
  • Half a month was spent on planning.
  • Creating functioning drawings and submitting them for building control’s approval takes a quarter of a year.
  • Two to four weeks for the project tendering.
  • It takes two weeks to get the contract started.

The procedure may take longer if there are extra requirements to obtain the building control approval and planning authorisation. However, a competent architect will typically anticipate the planning and building control concerns ahead of time. They will be prepared to handle them when they do.

Make the effort to schedule the start of the job at the location. For obvious reasons, most people want their projects to begin in the spring or summer. Remember this and give yourself time.

Now, as you can learn about some of the points before building the house extension in Solihull, you will have a smooth experience. To get help from the experts, you may contact Eastgate Home Improvements Ltd. Feel free to contact us today.