Contemporary kitchen designs are all about clean lines, uncluttered detailing, and stylish appearance. Sleek modern kitchen styles appeal to homeowners’ hearts. Contemporary kitchens create a stunning backdrop to open-plan living. Here, you can browse some great contemporary kitchen design ideas to help you spruce up your kitchen. You can implement these ideas for your next kitchen extension in Solihull.

Five contemporary kitchen design ideas to implement

Here, we have compiled a few contemporary kitchen design trends for you to consider and implement.

  • The statement black kitchen

An all-black kitchen is trending nowadays. Notwithstanding the lack of colour, a black kitchen can create remarkable warmth, add outstanding depth to a space, and establish a distinctly luxurious and elegant atmosphere. Pairing it with dramatic textual or mirrored splash blacks can take your design to an extraordinary height.

  • Natural-inspired designs

Many of us appreciate the charm of natural wood. And this design is all about incorporating the appeal of natural wood into your design. You can introduce different textures of woods like light beech, oak, pine, and ash accents into your designs. A darker wood grain can add charm and an edge to a contemporary kitchen design.

  • Bright white in natural textures

Clean design and minimal white kitchens have always stood in for modern design. The fresh and airy hue of the colours can create a sense of expanse. It can help introduce an extraordinary level of warmth into the entire design.

  • The marble surfaces

Homeowners always prefer stylish surfaces to adorn their kitchens. These include rich wood grains, riven stone, and oxide materials. Among all these materials, marble surfaces take up a special place. The marble surface makes a luxurious statement and adds an extremely graceful yet minimal element to your kitchen design.

  • Curated shelving

Kitchens are no longer merely the place to cook. They are also a space for hanging out, spending time with loved ones and much more. This is why we bring another important design element to you: curated shelving. You can create a handpicked display of carefully arranged kitchen essentials along with your favourite artworks and other ornamentations. Putting your accessories with other decorating arts and elements can transform your kitchen into a truly warm and inviting place.

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